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Genome Disruption Syndrome (GDS) means that your very DNA has been altered by vaccines, drugs, toxins and other insults. Once that happens, the consequences can include autism, cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, asthma, diabetes, infertility and more. Find out whether you or your loved ones have GDS and what you can to reverse it.

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The Delta Project Says, “NO Deltas! End the Autism Epidemic!”
Huxley Called them “Deltas” in Brave New World
The Delta Project Reveals the Vaccination Hidden Agenda:
Cheap, Docile Workers

The Natural Solutions Foundation is proud to present the Delta Project. As the largest health freedom organization in the world we are committed Discover, Develop, Document, Develop and Disseminate natural solutions to the problems facing all of us. Vaccination is one of those problems. While the international organizations which serve the globalist genocidal agenda pressure for more and more vaccines, the shoddy science that underlies this ineffective and dangerous practice is coming to light.

The vital information, previously hidden from public view, brought forward by the Delta Project can, in fact, help to end the autism epidemic and stop the continuing damage to our collective and individual genome.

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